Kelley Bushman began her photographic journey while still in high school. Despite winning awards for her creative portraiture in her high school photography class, thoughts of photography as a career had not yet surfaced. After getting married, Kelley pursued a degree as a paralegal and subsequently received her certification. All the while taking photograph after photograph. After several years of putting her time in behind a desk, Kelley had a son and stayed home to nurture her new baby. After several years of staying home and taking an endless amount of pictures of her son and those little ones she babysat for, she was encouraged by others to pursue this gift she seemed to have. Most importantly, Kelley was encouraged by her husband to start making money at the expensive hobby she seemed to enjoy giving away so much. After very little convincing, she decided to pursue her degree in photography.

In the spring of 2003, Kelley opened her first Keepsake Photography Studio in Havelock. Because of the natural talent for her craft, it did not take long for the word to get out and referrals to start spreading. In the spring of 2008, Keepsake Photography made the move to New Bern.

From the breathtaking waterfront location views to the historic landmark views and garden oasis’, New Bern offers an abundant array of scenic locations for outdoor shoots.

Because of Kelley’s love of children, passion for photography and giving people more than what they expect, Keepsake Photography continues to thrive and to adorn the walls of homes of those in Eastern North Carolina and abroad.